About Us

About Us

Sit back, relax, and enjoy mouth-watering Indian dishes, prepared in the most healthy and hygienic way. In gratifying your taste buds, we do not neglect your health. Our rare culinary art is a combination of traditional cooking methods with our own innovative signature style of preparation.

We strive for the best when it comes to making our food delectable to all, whether you are an aficionado of Indian cooking or a casual foodie looking for something new. Behind successful inception and equally impressive running of An India Grill Bistro stands Joginder Singh, an inspired chef and entrepreneur. Joginder puts in his 15 long years of experience in the cooking & hotel industry as an expert chef in some of the finest restaurants.

we serve fresh, tasty and spicy Indian food prepared using fresh herbs, garam masalas which are roasted and made in-house combined with rich flavors from ginger and garlic. We are about staple Indian curries from different regions of India, mughal inspired rice preparations and tadoori breads, baked fresh in our Tandoori oven.

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